mpete for those customers. Because other nations are," he said. He warned that other countries are investing in the skills and education of their people, in the high-demand indust.

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The president told President Medvedev that he is monitoring the situation closely, and that the United States is responding to Russia's request for technical assistance in combat.

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to those left homeless by the storms. President Dilma Rousseff released Friday 400 million reais (239 million U.S. dollars) to the damaged town in Rio state. With the amount, the tot.

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government Tuesday issued a ban, forbidding truck and bus drivers from texting, as part of its policies to crack down on distracting driving that has consumed thousands of lives .

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in Iraq by coalition forces and over 12,000 cases of reports of torture and abuse by Iraqi forces." Many countries that participated the U.S.-led coalition forces, such as Britain.

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urprise was probably searching out rodents, according to The Chicago Tribune. The coyote ran up and down the state street in south loop at 3 a.m. Monday, leaving behind startled dr .

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00. Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro was a supporter of the campaign for the child's return. Cuba's president Raul Castro addresses the audience during the inauguration of the Sixt.

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ortation Service, said the Mexico City government will take charge of all the injured people's medical expenses. Leon said the accident could have been caused by "a mechanical prob.

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osa said at a press conference held earlier in the morning. The upgraded parking meters will charge the same rate as the old ones, and accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Revenu.

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