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ng Grand Anse department and the southeast of the country. The Haitian authorities said that at least one person died after being washed away by the Glace River in Duchiti localit

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o 11 hurricanes. Of the 12 registered tropical storms, only two, Humberto and Ingrid, became hurricanes, but they did not exceed the category one on the five-degree Saffir-Simpson

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ing will set the stage for broad international action on reconstruction that will mobilize the will and resources of all of Haiti's partners," said the Prime Minister. Harper appe

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s of the talks. Venezuela and Chile also sent representatives to Havana. The FARC has called for a ceasefire, but the government refused, fearing that the rebel group would eat it

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something like this happens folks forget all their petty differences," said the president. "When we' re confronted by the awesome power of nature and reminded that all we have is

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lth sector has a six-hour workday, but a decree approved by the Bolivian government on Jan. 24 ordered an eight-hour workday. LA PAZ, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- After a three-year learnin

角斗士锤x贵族基 -木马背上 一根巨大

ed States. "This can be my stable home, I won't leave my area," a glowing Sirnollie told Xinhua. Her home is among the 25,000 units of housing renovated or built by Chicago Housin